Act Now!

What you need to do?How?
1. Call your elected Members of Congress to strongly oppose Sanctions on Ethiopia.

Open the link below using your mobile phone and follow the instructions.

NOTE:  Anyone residing in the United States can make phone calls.  US citizenship or permanent residency is NOT required.  What is needed is a valid US address. 

All Ethiopians and Friends of Ethiopia residing anywhere in the world, please contact your family and friends in the US to help spread the word to advocate for Ethiopia. 

Thank you. 

2.    Send a letter to your members of Congress and others if you have not alreadyAccess the Voter Voice page and follow the instructions
3.    Email and/or text your friends and family to send a letter to their members of Congress and others.

Copy and paste the content below

A US letter writing campaign is underway urging Ethiopian diaspora and Americans to send letters to US officials.  It only takes a couple of minutes and a single click to send multiple letters to US government officials, the White House & administration officials and your local mainstream media in one click.

Please take action now, click on the link below …

Thank you for doing your part to help maintain peace and stability of Ethiopia.  Help spread the message by forwarding this message to others.

4.    Follow us on Social Media

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5.    Volunteer to work with the GLEAN Team and advocate for Ethiopia.

Complete the GLEAN Support Team Form

6.    If you have questions, contact usEmail the GLEAN Team at