Stand With Ethiopians in Need

  1. The displaced need to receive support to cope with their daily demands for food, water, and medicine. The Ethiopian government should facilitate their return and provide protection. The US shouldprovide unconditional humanitarian support. @SecBlinken@USAIDEthiopia @PowerUSAID Click To Tweet
  2. The US government has used the false narratives of“Tigraygenocide” and “famine” coined by TPLF lobbyists andsupporters as a pretext to support Egypt’s ambitions againstEthiopia and the Horn of Africa. #FilltheDam #HandsOffEthiopia@Chinamission2un @_AfricanUnion @USAID @CNN Click To Tweet
  3. The relentless barrage of disinformation, espoused by the western media, targeting Ethiopia is reminiscent of the battle drums heard across the Balkan during the late 1990s. Waging war based on sensational journalism has led to the destruction of entire nations.@CNN @BBCWorld Click To Tweet
  4. @PowerUSAID 's recent comments regarding Ethiopia are adding fuel to the ethnic flares in Ethiopia which, after decades of acrimonious ethnic politics has been trying to charter a new path for its citizens by holding a relatively fair & historic election on June21, 2021. @AP Click To Tweet
  5. @USAID should revisit the dark legacy of #TPLF before making serious allegations about famine being weaponized in contemporary #Ethiopia. Zenawi, the last effective chieftain of#TPLF had made his priority in starkest terms: war, not people,was his first concern. @nytimes @AP. Click To Tweet
  6. Michael Buerk, the veteran @BBC journalist who reported on the grisly 1984 famine, returned to Ethiopia in 2003 only to find that twice as many people were facing famine under the leadership of#Zenawi & #TPLF @USAIDEthiopia @PowerUSAID @nytimes@hrw @SecBlinken @PMEthiopia @AP Click To Tweet
  7. Over the past 2 years, albeit overwhelming crises, Ethiopia has completed several major projects. Nonetheless, the western media& lobby class seem to thrive on the darker side of the news perpetuating the myth of Africa as a “Dark Continent.”@CharitySoWhite @dambisamoyo… Click To Tweet
  8. ✋pressuring #Ethiopia on thefalsehood of famine staged by the #TPLFTerrorists.The UN has its resources to seek the truth of famine and allegations of atrocities. However, the UN hasn’t produced such a fact. �� false accusations against sovereign Ethiopia #Dountoothers @USAID Click To Tweet
  9. Providing humanitarian support enables #Ethiopia to focus on reconstruction efforts. Using famine as a weapon to punish & abandon a dependable ally, #Ethiopia, is the wrong humanitarian policy. @EU_Commission @USAIDEthiopia @WorldBank @IMFNews @PMEthiopia @nytimes @JimInhofe… Click To Tweet
  10. H.E.Demeke M., DPM of #Ethiopia said, using famine as an argument to subdue #Ethiopia is an “egregious falsehood, and in no way calculated to help foster peace, harmony, and stability.” If the UN seeks a lasting peace in the region, it should partner with a stable ally in the… Click To Tweet