Human Right Watch’s report nonfactual, shameful: GLEAN


 ADDIS ABABA—A statement by Human Right Watch regarding the law enforcement operation in Tigray State of Ethiopia is biased, grossly exaggerated and shameful, said Global Ethiopian Advocacy Nexus (GLEAN).

In a press statement sent to The Ethiopian Herald, GLEAN indicated that the story dated February 11, 2021, titled ‘unlawful shelling of Tigray urban areas’ reported by Laetitia Bader, ignored many cases of human rights abuse including the Mai-Kadra massacre orchestrated by TPF forces and its cohorts as it fled across Tigray and over to Sudan.

On the other hand, regarding the treacherous actions of TPLF against the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) Northern Command, let alone raising their voices for the hundreds of army members who were slaughtered in their sleep or the war prisoners who were victims of inhumane treatment.

This is despite the admission by TPLF of a preemptive strike on the Northern Command Base to take control. However, Human Right Watch is aware of these facts but chose not to report on or condemns the act, the statement said.

The accusations made against the Ethiopian National Defense Forces for human rights abuse are absolutely false, the statement said adding although members of the ENDF were massacred by TPLF terrorists and fellow military men and women who switched their loyalty and launched a treasonous attack on the national defense unit, it has never failed to protect the people of Tigray region.

“Portraying the ENDF, which is working to enforce rule of law and order as a foreign invader is not only unethical and morally unacceptable, but also dangerous. GLEAN stands in solidarity with the Ethiopian people and the international community in their efforts to avert the a humanitarian crisis that is confronting our country.”

GLEAN called for the international community to condemn remnants of TPLF and a large number of criminals and thugs, released from the region’s prisons by the TPLF as they retreated from the urban areas, who are jointly impeding the humanitarian response in the state and engaged in sexual abuses with the ultimate goal of undermining the government’s law enforcement operations and the assurance of peace and stability in the state.

“We call upon the Human Rights Watch to abide by your time-honored approach of independent, non-biased investigative reporting as we avert the crisis caused by TPLF and continue the effort for a peaceful, prosperous and democratic Ethiopia.”

The Ethiopian Herald February   18/2021

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