5 things dating sites won’t tell you

Dating sites have become a huge part of modern life. They’re convenient, and they give people more options than ever before. But there are some downsides to the ease with which you can find a date or mate online:

Feeling Alone

Such sites are intentionally designed to make you feel like there are people who share your interests and values. But in reality, dating sites are full of lonely people who might actually be wasting their time and should be partying with sexy Perth escorts instead. 

Dating sites make you feel more alone. Certain people may be loners, but most of us would rather share our lives with another person than live in solitude.

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More Losers Than Winners

The ratio of losers to winners is much higher than you think. The number of members on online dating apps who fail to land a date far outnumbers the number of winners. Thousands of members are actively hunting online for sex, love, and companionship. 

But the ratio of those who will actually find it is low. It is more difficult to be a relationship winner than a loser when it comes to finding love online. Even among the millions of active dating app users, most singles have no luck finding someone special through these platforms. 

No Guarantee 

Dating sites are not a good way to meet people. You will be disappointed, and you will waste your time. They simply don’t work as intended and they never will.

Dating sites focus on finding your perfect match in terms of personality and interests, but it ignores all those other things that matter most when it comes to love which are chemistry, compatibility, and mutual respect. It matches up with what you’re looking for using software, yet there’s no guarantee that person is compatible.

Not The Same Person 

You’re a different person online than in real life. It’s impossible to be 100% yourself on dating sites and apps because even if you want to be honest about your looks and interests, there are limits to what you can reveal. 

The same goes for other matters, like if someone says they love dogs and cats equally but really prefer cats, do they tell the truth and risk being turned down because of their preferences which may not even be relevant? Or do they keep quiet about it so as not to risk ruining the chances of making a connection with another human being?

Perfect Mate Myth

Even if we did match up on all these things perfectly, we’d still end up disagreeing over something eventually because there are always differences between two people who spend so much time together. Those disagreements will make one or both partners miserable together, so why bother trying? 

In Conclusion

A relationship takes commitment to try to make each other happy. It goes beyond the individual differences, and it is acceptance. What is more important is the relationship rather than who is right or wrong. 

Don’t have any expectations but continue your search, be it online or offline, and when you do find a mate, work on it for it to last.